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Broadcasting out of Princeton University's WPRB 103.3 FM studios, the Bassquake radio show brings jungle on the airwaves to over 10,000 listeners.  With a reflective power of 40,000 watts, the listening range covers Philadelphia, New Jersey and NYC. The Bassquake is on 7 to 10PM every Friday night. DJ's Dinesh, Jade, and MC 47 cover all styles of  cutting-edge Drum 'n' Bass and also bring you an assortment of guest DJ's from the U.S. and the U.K.  Previous guests include: DJ Trace (No U Turn), DJ Dazee (Ruffneck Ting), R. Notorious J,  DJ Dara, Paul C, Karl K, DJ GreenBean, MC Dub2 and MC Fog.  Scheduled guests for March include DJ Slant and  MC Mecha of 2TUFF, DJ Dara of Breakbeat Science, and DJ Trace.              
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